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What is Outsourcing Human Resource and why Outsource?

HR outsourcing (also known as HRO) is exactly what it sounds like, the process of sub-contracting human resources functions to an external supplier. Many firms are realizing that they can gain massive advantages from outsourcing non-core HR functions to specialists. Rather than keeping a number of HR employees on staff in-house. There are many advantages of outsourcing Human Resource functions. First of all, you’re contracting with a specialist provider, which means that you’re tapping into a talent network with expert skill and knowledge. Next, outsourcing non-core functions means you can keep a smaller HR contingent in-house. That means costs savings for your business, as you have fewer staff members and fewer benefits to pay out. Over the years, it has helped organisations not only free up their precious time but also to develop a better HR strategy inclusive of screening and hiring, auditing, compensation, leave management, retention, performance management and building better procedures and workflows. It helped enterprises save on cost, time and effort while enjoying better inter-departmental synchronization and higher ROI.

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